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  • Tom Haning

“Still GREAT PEOPLE in America!!”

I’d like to share something that took place w a couple of students and myself. This is about PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

Recently I had a student pilot come from Louisiana in pursuit of his private pilot’s license. We worked together over a couple months and he completed his training and passed his private pilot checkride, becoming a certified private pilot. Upon completion and on our departing one another he said he’d like to help someone else in aviation and if I ever came across someone who needed help financially to let him know. Well, I began to keep my eyes open and pray that God would show me the person who may need help. That person came to the surface a couple months later and I contacted the gentleman who wanted to help. He was still eager to help and from there I let the person who needed the help know help was coming. Before I told of the help I asked if they’d been praying for help and the answer was yes.

I share this because first, I want to give all the Glory to God for what He does and can do if we listen to his voice. Second, I want to thank the one who helped by listening to the unction God gave him to help someone. Third, I’d say thanks to the one in need of help by having faith and looking to God for help.

God still works! Look to Him for everything! Help others around you!

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