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Private - Instrument - Multi-Engine - Aerobatics & More

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Welcome to T3 Aerosports!

We offer primary and advanced flight training including Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument, Commercial, Tailwheel Endorsement, Spin Training, Aerobatics, and Multi-engine.

T3 Areosports manages the FBO (Fixed Base Operations) at two Oklahoma Airports:
Tenkiller Lake Airpark (44M), Cookson, OK 
Sallisaw Municipal Airport (KJSV), Sallisaw, OK

Maintenance Facilities are available at both airports.

Now offering Prop Balance & Vabriation Diagnostics with Dynavibe!


Learn more below, or call Tom to schedule an introductory flight today.

(918) 773-2076


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Flight Training

Primary Flight Instruction


Earn your Private Pilot Certificate.  The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hrs of flight training, 20 of which must be with a flight instructor and the other 20 hrs solo.  You'll learn to fly in one of our Cessna 172 Skyhawks.

Advanced Flight Training


Our Advanced Flight Training Courses include Tailwheel Training and Endorsements, Upset Recovery, and Spin Recovery and Endorsements, as well as Multi-Engine.  Call Tom now at (918) 773-2076 for more information.

Aerobatic Training


Aerobatic Flight Training is thrilling and is sure to make you a better all-around pilot.  You'll learn several aerobatic maneuvers and gain invaluable experience in stick and rudder flying in our Super Decathlon.  Call Tom at (918) 773-2076 to learn more and schedule your aerobatic training flight!

T 3 Aerosports, LLC

1700 S Kerr Boulevard

Sallisaw, OK  74955

(918) 773-2076

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